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The nextcom Group celebrated its 30 years of operation.

Innovation, Excellence, and Development constitute the triptych of success.

At a splendid event held at a central hotel in Athens, the nextcom group of companies celebrated 30 years of uninterrupted operation and success, placing it at the forefront of the most efficient and resilient organizations in Greek business.

President and CEO Anastasios Marios Kitsaras shared with the guests the most historic and significant moments in the journey of nextcom, while presenting the vision, strategic planning, and development plan for the coming years, which includes internationalization of the group, among other things.

The event was honored by the presence of His Eminence the Metropolitan of Ioannina, Maximus, who emphasized the values of business ethics and honesty that characterize the group’s journey throughout, while journalist and business editor Nikos Ypofantis acted as presenter and coordinator.

In this anniversary celebration, which had an exclusively corporate character, the people of the group, executives, and collaborators were at the center of the evening, with special awards given to individuals who have supported the activities of nextcom over the years with their work.


The beautiful event was followed by a reception where participants enjoyed their drinks accompanied by the sounds of saxophone overlooking the Acropolis.

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