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The Administrative Restructuring of Pre-Trial Bodies and the Improvement of their institutional adequacy and efficiency was assigned to Next Com SA.

The Information Society SA assigned to Next Com SA the implementation of a range of information technology services, including:


 – Establishment of an Integrated System for the Composition of Boards of Directors that have the institutional responsibility of organizing the pre-trial of the jurisdiction of their jurisdiction

 – Creation of an Integrated System for the Registration and Display of Results in real time of the appointments of the Greek Bar Associations, for the establishment of the pre-trial administration bodies

 – Creation of an Integrated System for the Establishment of Administrative Bodies in support of a preliminary ruling at the national level, with the establishment of the Plenary Session of Presidents of Greek Bar Associations

 – Creation of a Digital Archive of the Management Bodies of Bar Associations of Greece.


Our company through the successful implementation of this project has contributed decisively to the Administrative Restructuring of the Pre-Trial Bodies.

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