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Strategic Cooperation for CGC Communication with NEXTCOM GROUP of Companies


The company, in a strong development course.


With a decisive growth move, in the face of the advanced challenges of the modern market, CGC COMMUNICATION has joined forces with NEXTCOM group of companies, in a solid, dynamic format, which has the conditions to establish a new era in the field of promotion, communication and digital transition services.


The aim of the strategic partnership is to enhance the competitiveness and flexibility in the provision of CGC services, always guided by the evolving needs of the customer, and to maximize its reciprocal benefit.


Now, with more strength and experience, CGC COMMUNICATION utilizes the advanced infrastructure and high specialization of NEXTCOM GROUP, providing 360o communication services, open to digital technologies.


The new era of CGC is expressed with a renewed website (http://cgc-sa.gr), which includes comprehensive information about the philosophy, new goals and services of the company, but also about the new benefits it now provides to its customers.


As announced by the Management Team of CGC, at the core of which are Alekos Tsaousis and Nikos Karapanos, two of the most experienced executives in the field of Communication, “Our goal is to be for our customers the most flexible and effective team of modern strategy and creative thinking, contributing to the achievement of their business goals “.

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