Small mistakes, huge rewards

In order for someone to become more fulfilled and less vulnerable professionally, he should manage his career like a portfolio of investments. Instead of money, though, investment is made in terms of time and energy. Jobs are overlapping more and more with the famous phrase from Alice in Wonderland to perfectly fit “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place.”

“I make mistakes, I will not have career”

This thought should never cross your mind

A secure investment can financially absorb the “vibration” and to “soften” a possible failure, while experience acquired through such a situation may be proved to be similarly valuable with money. Strategy that allows people trying hard and making mistakes helps them learn, get improved but not be “broken”

The same applies to career but adaptability should be a part of the professional DNA. Risk can lead to the acquisition of a wider range of skills and help to achieve a lead role.

If you’d spend at least 10% of your time and energy into something unknown, even if it was dangerous, this would help you avoid the professional rut. The balance between job and personal life is important, but what happens if they affect one another?

A recent research indicates that enthusiasm arising from career improves productivity in all aspects of life. Instead, a routine in daily life leads to a never ending search for energy.

In any case, if the small risks lead to small mistakes then it’s time for big rewards!