Brand is like the iceberg illusion;
most people see the tip
but what it really takes to make it, remains unseen.

Media planning & buying
Public relations
Media relations
Event marketing
Video & photography
In Store marketing

Digital Marketing services
> Digital marketing strategy
> Digital marketing consulting
> Digital marketing plan
> Digital campaign (GoogleAds, FB Ads, etc)
> Social media management and campaign
> Email marketing
> Web design & development
> E-shop design & development
> SEO services
> Mobile applications

Corporate Communication services
> Stakeholder management
> Reputation measurement
> Reputation management in a B2B environment
> Organizational identity and change
> Managing identity strategically
> Rebuilding identity
> Creating external alignment
> Leadership and strategy implementation
> From positioning to profiling
> Reputation management and positioning
> Complexity and ambiguity of corporate communication
> Excellence in management of corporate communication
> Managing the corporate communication process