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Opening of CityΖoe Hotel in Lysikratous


Cityzoe Athens Suites opened its doors in the area of Plaka and reserves an unforgettable experience of Athenian hospitality against the backdrop of the magnificent Acropolis.


It aspires to bridge the glorious historicity of the past with the modern era and everyday life of Athens.


The 8 Suites are diffused by plenty of natural light which highlights the elegance of the neoclassical elements, giving light notes of relaxation.


The unparalleled view from Rooftop gives the opportunity to “travel” and indulge in the beauty of Athens. Undoubtedly, the riveting Parthenon and the enchanting scenery will fascinate you.

Do not miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience like CityZoe (n)!


Discover CityZoe!

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