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Introducing Birò, the new electric vehicles that provide the perfect solution for micromobility, in an age of human centered cities.


The requirement of transitioning to a sustainable and smart mobility solution with zero carbon footprint, is expressed with the arrival of Birò, the smallest electric four-wheel drive vehicle, in the Greek market.

Birò Hellas is the result of a joint venture between Estrima and NextCom, a company founded in 1993 that specializes in the field of services and business consulting in Greece.

The innovative Biro, with its re-move battery that ensures the user complete freedom, aspires to be the alternative to modern urban mobility and micro-mobility.

With stylish design and a multitude of personalization options, Birò is perfect for every city, big or small, in the narrow streets of historic centers and the alleys of Greek islands.

Birò vehicles are expected to arrive in Greece before the end of summer, along with the opening of the first Birò store, located in the heart of Athens, in the area of Kolonaki, a symbolic location that aims to enhance and promote the urban character of the vehicle.

It is noteworthy that the introduction of Birò to the Greek market takes place a few months after the recent launch of sales in France, while the brand is very successful in Amsterdam, Milan and Rome.

The president of Estrima, Matteo Maestri quotes: “With Birò we want to improve the lives of people in big cities. It is the ideal solution for citizens to spend less time on the streets thanks to the flexibility of movement and the ease of parking offered by this small vehicle. We are convinced that the purely electric Birò vehicles, with zero pollutants and whisper quiet operation, contribute to upgrading the urban landscape and protecting the environment “.

The founder of NextCom, Marios Kitsaras, expressing his satisfaction for this cooperation, stated that his company gives “flesh and bones” in the most practical way to the vision for a future in which electric mobility will upgrade quality of life in urban areas and town centers.

About Estrima Group

Estrima was founded in 2008 with multiple activities such as R&S, design, production and marketing of Birò electric vehicles. It is one of the first companies in this field and comes from the creative and unconventional vision of Matteo Maestri. Initially a company of Brieda (property of the Maestri family), specializing in safety measures for agricultural and industrial vehicles. In 2021, Estrima acquired the entire share capital of Brieda E C S.r.l. and Sharbie S.r.l., and later on that of UPooling S.r.l.

Following a business expansion strategy in the field of Transportation as a Service, particularly in vehicle rental and sharing, it has created new development opportunities for Birò vehicles. The Group also includes Birò France S.a.s., while Estrima has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2021.

About NextCom Group

Applying a revolutionary business model of growth and investment in new technologies, NextCom group is active in key sectors of the economy such as digital transition and digital business transformation, public relations, corporate social responsibility, communication and hospitality.

As a strong group of companies that shares a common vision and philosophy, NextCom Group has been providing a high level of services in full connection with its customer-centric character since 1993, the year of its establishment.


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