When brand goes to war.

Tower Hamlets, Region of London, 1885.
Jeffrey Wilkinson starts up a lab for producing black ink.
But people call it THIRD HORSE. Because there are two more.
Wilkinson has to be distinguished in the war of competitiveness.
He launches the invisible ink, with the invisible writing.
As for the BLACK HORSE, it was renamed to UNSEEN HORSE.
It is said, that the detectives from all around
London used to visit it. Even the famous Sherlock Holmes from Baker Street.
Behind Wilkinson’s the desk, there was a sign saying:

“In the war of ink, we are the most sympathetic.”

When a brand makes family.

Wale Kambal was an indigenous of the Maasai tribe.
He used to live in southwestern Kenya in makeshift houses of mud.
Wale had three boys. He knew that tomorrow they would leave the hut getting their own way.
First he had to teach them the javelin. To make them Cambals.
Famous warriors. Just like their ancestors.
Milk, fabric and hunting won the three men.
One evening Wale called them and told them: "Be good at your art,
as in the javelin, but never forget that your art, is to be warriors.

"Be Cambals"

Our Brand:

Next Com is a boutique communication agency that over the last 20 years offers integrated advertising services.

Believing that branding is more about strategy rather than tactics Next Com keeps on brand building by placing piece by piece the elements of success of its customers. We are “the branders”.

Next Com operates in three sectors, the EU funded communication programs that are mainly addressed to the public sector, communication services for the SMEs as well as for large international clients, thus being able to respond successfully to all levels of communication services.


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Certifications / Participations


1st place in Profit Before Tax, among the largest advertising agencies in Greece for 2015 (ICAP Group survey, December 2016)

Best Practices Award

Awarded from the European Commission for Best Practices in implementing European Projects.

Strongest companies in Greece

As a member of the community «Strongest Companies in Greece» Next Com ranked among ICAP’s strongest credit rating zones (rating score). ICAP Group is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution and by the European Central Bank as an Accepted Rating Tool Source.


Our company is certified through the ELOT standardization system for management quality services ELOT 1435: 2009 as well as through the ISO9001: 2008, after having been evaluated from official quality certification bodies.

Member of HAAC

From November 2009 Next Com is a member of the Hellenic Association of Advertising Communication Agencies. The only member based on outside Athens and Thessaloniki.

We develop an integrated CSR strategy. Internally and externally. With respect to our executives and to our partners. Committed to our customers. By supporting suppliers. With business ethics towards natural resources and social requirements. We contribute to the society and the economy.
Through job openings and social benefits. We operate collectively, we are being developed for all.

When a brand builds brands.

1929. Great Depression. One day after. N. York is the center of international trade and industry.
The first skyscrapers.
Ashton Cooper. Son of a poor family from the Bronx. Considered to be the most innovative architect of the era.
He calls the skyscrapers products, since they will be sold just like a snuff box.
He evaluates each parameter with branders, as he calls the members of the group and he begins.
With a difference. Cooper will only build the first floor.
And then he will stop the project.
Then, he will base there for a while, a company.
This will enable him to make a real test.

If a product does not make the correct steps, it will die before the expiration date, he used to say while smiling. black-lego
Once he is convinced the laborers will come.
Ashton Cooper was the man who built the tallest skyscrapers. He went down in history after the nickname
“the architect of the first floor.”