Creative brand VS Essential brand

It is undeniably attractive to have the will to create a very different, impressive, eye catching brand that wins!

But is it possible that all this effort has taken us away from our goal to make our brands more effective for the consumer?

According to a research by Laura Kornish, Professor at the University of Colorado is sometimes more valuable to create a brand that responds to what consumers demand than just a very impressive brand. There are even products sometimes that are promoted in such a way that seem to be far ahead of their era because a level of comfort is assumed, which the consumer is not up to. This is one of the elements to consider before creating a brand.

In any case commercial brands are at risk of losing their role and utility on their way to the top. Brand should try to improve the product and satisfy the consumer. Also, we should always keep in mind that important innovations will be invisible after a while. The “amazing” in other words, is relative, time specified and objective. Building on something that people are aware of and with which they feel comfortable is easier and faster than asking them to accept something new.

Brands have to remain grounded in what customers want and not in the intelligence of their creators. The key to success of the brand is the understanding of when and how much a Brand should change.